Benefit Rules

Last updated: 20/06/2021

Member Benefit Rules for the 6DOT50 Membership Programme

This document sets out the Benefits available to you as a 6DOT50 Member. You may choose to use any of the benefits included in this document and you authorise 6DOT50 and where relevant 6DOT50 Business Partners to administer and give effect to the benefits that you activate and approve. For information relating to membership refer to the Member Rules.

Our membership programme allows you to receive and purchase our 6DOT50 Digital Vouchers and to redeem them for the purchase of eligible products that we make available to you through our business partners. Each Digital Rand voucher is worth 1 South African Rand and we hold 100% of the value of your active vouchers in our bank account to cover your redemption requests.

BUY 6.50 Digital Rand Vouchers

Members may purchase 6DOT50 vouchers either in cash (subject to such option being available in the territory in which you reside) or by using a bank card or by making payment via electronic funds transfer. You can BUY Digital Rands as follows:

Cash payments for our vouchers are accepted at participating retailer till points across South Africa. Click here for a list of retailers. When you elect to pay for your 6DOT50 vouchers using cash, we will provide you with a payment reference number to be given to the cashier.

To pay for your vouchers using a bank card, instant EFT or any other electronic payment method made available to you by us, please follow the instructions that we will provide to you at that time to complete your purchase.

If for any reason we receive an overpayment or an underpayment, in other words, where we receive more or less than the amount that you accepted on our quote, the amount of Digital Rands that we will allocate to your 6DOT50 Account will be adjusted accordingly. You agree and accept that the fees, if applicable, that would have been applied to your purchase, based on the revised amount received by us, will apply.

Any refund request that may be applicable will be subject to our Refund policy.

On confirmation of payment your voucher value will immediately be available for you to USE and the value will be reflected in your 6DOT50 Account.

Should 6DOT50, for any reason whatsoever, and in its sole and absolute discretion, have reason to believe or suspect that your purchase of 6DOT50 Digital Rands was made by fraudulent or nefarious means, regardless of your payment method, 6DOT50 reserves the absolute right to block your account and to withhold such amount of Digital Rands as it believes were purchased by fraudulent or nefarious means for such period as it may deem necessary or until its investigation into such purchase of Digital Rands is complete. 6DOT50 will contact you to allow you to provide information in relation to such Digital Rand purchase to assist it in its investigation.

6DOT50 and its partners make use of various security software tools, including, but not limited to, the services offered by Chainanalysis®. Chainanalysis is a blockchain data platform which assists businesses and governmental organisations to engage confidently with cryptocurrency, and to flag transactions which, inter alia,  involve cryptocurrency obtained through nefarious means or transactions which flout governmental regulations and sanctions, whether intentional or otherwise. Such software tools and security measures may identify your transaction/cryptocurrency as being linked, directly or indirectly, to earlier transactions which contravene(s) governmental and other regulations which our partners are required to adhere to. Such regulations may include, but are not limited to, regulations preventing the circumvention of government imposed sanctions, anti-money laundering regulations, anti-terrorism regulations and prevention of organised crime regulations. In certain scenarios, cryptocurrency transactions which have been flagged by such software as being in contravention with any regulation or self-imposed standard, will be investigated and may result in a refusal by 6DOT50 to accept such payment and, where possible, our partners will provide a refund or, should regulation so require, our partners may be instructed to confiscate such cryptocurrency without compensation.

BUY 6.50 Digital Dollars

You may purchase 6DOT50 Digital Dollar vouchers using Digital Rand vouchers (subject to such option being available in the territory in which you reside).

You will be quoted with a price for Digital Dollars when you place an order for Digital Dollars. The quoted price may include fees and other charges imposed by us in order for us to offer Digital Dollar vouchers to you. 6.50 may offer a limited amount of Digital Dollars for sale at any given time. The total amount of Digital Dollars for sale to all members can be set and adjusted by 6.50 in its sole and absolute discretion and is subject to change from time to time.

Digital Dollar vouchers may only be purchased using Digital Rands and may only be redeemed for Digital Rands. You will be quoted with a price should you elect to use your Digital Dollars to purchase Digital Rands.  On acceptance, by you, of the quoted price your voucher values will be adjusted and reflected in your 6DOT50 Account.

Digital Dollars cannot be sent to any other 6DOT50 member and cannot be used to buy any products or services other than Digital Rands. No cash refunds in respect of Digital Dollars are available. Should you wish to request a refund of your Digital Dollar value you will need to purchase Digital Rands and follow the Digital Rand refund process.

SEND Vouchers

Members may send their voucher value to any other person with a valid South African mobile number for free. Unlike physical products, Digital vouchers are easy to transfer from one individual to another. Simply enter the mobile number of the person you want to SEND your voucher value to, confirm the number is correct and confirm your SEND request. When Digital vouchers are sent to a non-member, such person will receive an SMS informing them that Digital Rands have been sent to them. The Digital Rands will be available to them from the moment they register for 6DOT50. Should the recipient not register for 6DOT50 within 7 days of sending, the Digital Rands will automatically be returned to the senders 6DOT50 Account.

There are no transaction fees applicable for sending or receiving vouchers. Sending vouchers to members in different territories may require that you supply 6DOT50 with additional information, this is subject to the Laws applicable in the territory in which you reside

USE Vouchers

Our voucher product is designed as an alternative way for you to hold value and to access products and services offered by our network of Business Partners. You may only redeem your voucher value for eligible products and services through our website and our mobile applications. The products and services available to you may change over time.

To exchange your voucher value for other products and services follow the USE links available on our mobile apps or through our secure website.

When you choose to redeem your voucher value for a product or service from one of our Business Partners they will request a payment approval from us for the value of purchases that you approve with them. We will, subject to you holding sufficient voucher value with us, authorise the purchase and make the payment directly to our Business Partner. The value of the purchase will reflect as a reduction of the voucher value held in your 6DOT50 account.

Members may also SEND Digital Vouchers to registered 6DOT50 Merchants as a way to pay for goods and services. Merchants will receive instant notification of your value transfer.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase or with holding our Digital Vouchers for any reason, simply follow our support links to return your voucher value and request a refund. Our business partners have been tasked to ensure that your get your refund as quick as possible. Unfortunately making sure you get your money back does cost us money so we will have to apply the following fees and limits:

Transaction type: Cash refund at approved retail outlets
Fee: R10.00 (Ten South African Rands)
Max refund Value: R1010.00 (One Thousand and Ten Rand)

It is important to note that these fees are only applicable to the return of Digital Rand vouchers from individual members and the fees will be added to the refund amount requested. For example, if you have a balance of R100.00 in your Digital Rands account you will need to request a maximum of R90.00 so that you have sufficient value in your account to cover our fees.

Should you wish to return more than the max refund value limit, applied above, please use our support links to make a special request.

Refunds will not apply to FREE Digital Voucher rewards.

All registered 6DOT50 Merchants may request to cash-out their Digital Voucher value using the Refund functionality available on the 6DOT50 Website. All refund requests will be subject to our Merchant Rules.


6DOT50 may elect to reward you with FREE Digital Vouchers from time to time either in terms of these Rules, special campaigns, through our partners using the 6DOT50 platform, product promotions or at the sole discretion of 6DOT50. Digital Voucher rewards may only be used to either SEND to other 6DOT50 members to USE or you may USE them in terms of the specific Rules linked to each reward. Unlike Digital Vouchers that are purchased by you, Digital Vouchers issued as an incentive may be subject to additional special terms such as expiry dates and limited USE cases. For the avoidance of doubt all Digital Vouchers issued by us to you as an incentive, promotion or as a loyalty reward will expire if not used within the time frames specified and may not be included in a refund request unless we confirm otherwise in writing.

Powered by 6DOT50

From time to time, 6DOT50 may partner with third parties in order to provide additional features to their members via or through the 6DOT50 platform.

Such third parties may have terms and conditions specific to the use, consumption and enjoyment of their features, products and or benefits which may, inter alia, impose additional obligations, contain additional limitations on liability, contain additional rules and generally expand upon these terms and conditions.

Accordingly, you hereby acknowledge that when using the 6DOT50 Platform to access third party products, services and or features, that you will have a direct contractual relationship with such third parties. It is your sole responsibility to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of such thirds parties when you access or use the features, products and or services of such third parties via 6DOT50 and you must remain up to date with any amendments thereto.

You will have no claim of whatsoever nature against 6DOT50 arising from any claim arising from the breach of a third party of its obligations in terms of its agreement with you.

Definitions and Interpretation

The following expressions have the following meanings:

Benefits: Refers to the benefits available to members through the 6DOT50 Membership Programme
Benefit rules: Refers to the business practices as set out in these Rules.
Business Partners: Refers to Payment Facilitators that offer various products and Services to users from a network of retailers and eCommerce merchants and Payment Processors that facilitate the collection and payment of funds due by and to members.
Member: The person contracting with 6DOT50 and bound by these rules.
Membership date: The date when a member completes the minimum requirements to join the 6DOT50 Membership Programme.
Member Rules: Refers to the terms and conditions that are set out in the Member Rules and form the basis of our relationship.
Programme: Refers to the 6DOT50 Membership Programme.
Voucher Value: Refers to the underlying value that a 6DOT50 voucher is linked to. This may include values linked to known and trusted fiat currencies such as the US Dollar.
6DOT50 Account: Refers to your account with 6DOT50 in which your Digital Voucher Value and all transactions affecting the value of your vouchers is reflected.
6DOT50 Membership Programme: Refers to the Membership Programme administered by 6DOT50 (Pty) Ltd.