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6DOT50 vouchers is an alternative WAY2PAY versus cash and bank cards

The simplest way for anyone to PAY for goods and services instantly, securely and without the need for a bank account.

REGISTER your business for #GETPAID
ACCESS 6DOT50 API’s to add 6DOT50 vouchers as a mode of payment on your website or in your mobile applications or ask your customers to SEND you 6dot50 Digital vouchers as payment (member2merchant SEND)
GET PAID either redeem 6DOT50 vouchers immediately as part of the transaction or request a cash-out when needed.
RECEIVE payment into your bank account.



Attract new unbanked customers by enabling them to pay you using by using their Digital vouchers. Globally 2 billion customers are unable to access the global digital economy. You can make it possible for them to participate.


Charge your customers as normal in your local currency. 6DOT50 will confirm payment and settle all amounts due to you into your bank account and in the currency confirmed.


6DOT50 will deduct agreed settlement fees and PAY the amounts due to you. Fees are as published below or as agreed.


All funds confirmed as owing to you will be paid and no amounts will be reversed once approved for legitimate transactions. Our members receive immediate notification of all voucher redemption values and agree to our member and benefit rules. These rules are designed to protect you and our members interests.


100% of all active voucher values is backed 100% by the equivalent fiat currency deposit held in a formal bank account. All funds entering and exiting this account are managed, controlled and verified monthly by independent professional organizations to ensure that the funds are not used for any other purposes.


For merchants accepting Digital vouchers in exchange for goods and services with delayed settlement, such merchants may elect when to cash-out. The applicable forex rate and fee structure at the time of the request will apply.



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