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The easiest way to REWARD your employees wherever they are! Simply BUY Digital Dollars and SEND them to anyone you choose no matter where they live… remember to add a personal message to make their day.

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REGISTER your business as a COPORATE 6dot50 Member.
BUY Digital Dollar vouchers (1 D$ = 1 US$). Select the amount of D$’s required and we’ll send you an invoice.
UPLOAD your staff list or add people one by one.
SHARE your 6DOT50 link with your staff members so they can register for FREE (mobile number required).
SEND Digital Dollars to those that you want to REWARD and add a custom message.



Employees can create a Virtual Mastercard using 6dot50 and spend their D$ value wherever Mastercard is accepted globally or USE their D$’s as a WAY2PAY at merchants across SA.


No ID or proof of address required by employees. They simply register using their mobile number. That’s all that’s needed to receive D$ rewards and gifts from you.


SEND D$’s to any 6dot50 member anywhere for FREE. No minimum or maximum applied. The amount is only limited by the value of Digital Dollars held in your account.


Choose to set up dual or single authorizations on all SEND transactions. Accounts are password protected with full audit trails.


View all transactions, download your history in csv or Excel format whenever you need to manage your account.


Your minimum purchase is D$500 and Digital Dollar vouchers never expire. HOLD them and SEND them when you need to.



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