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The easiest way to HOLD real Currency value and PAY for goods and services without a bank account.
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COVID-19 solution - SOUTH AFRICA.
Digital Rands now available as a new way to pay for essential goods
Over 11 million South Africans do not have a bank account and no alternative to using potentially infected notes and coins to pay for essential goods during lockdown. These individuals and many others may also run out of cash. Until now, there has been no easy and safe way to SEND them funds to help.
HELP by either sending Digital Rands directly to those who you would like to help or use the COVID-19 link to contribute to the 6DOT50 COVID-19 Account. 6DOT50 will HELP qualifying South African residents by sending Digital Rands directly to them so that they can PAY for essential goods from participating stores.
JOIN 6DOT50 today and either HELP or verify your account to qualify for HELP.
Digital Rands accepted as payment at the following stores in South Africa:


A new WAY to PAY

Create a wiCode using the 6DOT50 platform and share the code with any cashier at one of the participating 6DOT50 redemption partners as a way to pay for goods and services. The cashier will enter the code at till point and 6DOT50 will, subject to sufficient value being available, approve and make the payment for you.


Protect your Wealth

6DOT50 includes alternative Digital Voucher values to protect you against your local currency devaluation. The South African rand was R6.50 to the US Dollar in January 2011 and has lost value year on year over the last 10 years. Choose to HOLD Digital Dollar value or Digital Pound value or Digital Euro value or a combination of these vouchers.


Borderless transfers for free

SEND Digital Rands to friends, family and those that need your help to pay for goods and services. Simply enter the mobile number of the person you want to SEND vouchers to and enter the the amount that you want to SEND. All SEND transactions are free and instant.



USE your Digital Rands by creating a wiCode and by sharing the wiCode number with any cashier at participating 6DOT50 redemption partners. You can also share the wiCode with anyone that you want to help. Copy the code and share it using What’s App, SMS or any way you prefer.


Download the 6DOT50 Android or iOS app or click on the JOIN Link above to open your free 6DOT50 Account using your mobile number as your Account number. You may need to capture your ID number to transact with us when accessing Digital Dollars, Digital Pounds and Digital Euros.

6DOT50 Account

Your 6DOT50 Account offers you an alternative to a bank account in order to transact. Link your Account as a mode of payment with our redemption partners and USE your 6DOT50 Digital vouchers to PAY.

Buy D$

You can BUY 6DOT50 Digital Voucher using local currency cash at any one of 100 000 + retail outlets across South Africa and if you have a bank card you can pay for your vouchers using your card.


We hold 100% of the value of your 6DOT50 vouchers in a separate bank account managed by an independent and professional organisation with strict platform controls and rules to protect you against loss.

Digital Dollars (D$)

The value of each 6DOT50 voucher is linked to a known and trusted currency such as the US Dollar. This makes it easy to HOLD a known and common measure of value and to redeem your voucher for goods and services offered in any currency. We hold 1 US Dollar in a separate bank account for each active Digital Dollar voucher in circulation. The same applies to Digital Pound, Digital Euro and Digital Rand vouchers.



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